Someone with some graphic skills who can create a CLI/deps symbol for Calva?

As I am preparing to finally get the next Calva version (a k a Calva 2) out the door, I need some symbol/image that I can represent a CLI/deps REPL with. Calva tries to make it easy to switch between, and know which, type of repl (CLJ or CLJS) that is evaluating your forms. In Calva 2 I also want to surface what build tool is used (mostly because I think it is nice to do so, but anyway).

It currently looks like so for a Clojure session powered by Leiningen.

And like so for a shadow-cljs powered ClojureScript repl.

I have asked Bruce Hauman to consider making a Figwheel Main logo that can be used for these kind things. For CLI/deps I don’t really know where I would ask it and also I doubt they would have time for it, but maybe someone has the graphics skills, that I lack, to create something that would work nicely in the Calva REPL window? This is my call for assistance. :heart:

To manage expectations some; Calva 2 is still a bit away from release. I am stuck on a nasty bug and once I’m past that I will need to deal with some of the rougher edges before unleashing it on my fellow Clojurians. We’ll see when it happens. Anyone who wants to take it for a spin and help testing it for me is welcome to the #calva-dev channel on the Clojurians Slack to pick up the dev builds I post there now and then. (Or just fork and distill your own Calva, it is super easy.)


I may be able to help with the icons but I would like to be a little more clear:

  1. An icon for a figwheel repl
  2. An icon for a CLI/Deps Repl
  3. Any others you need??

Additionally, I have a couple of questions:

  1. While it’s best to work with vector formats to accommodate varying screen resolutions, I take it they should be distinguishable at 16 x 16 px?
  2. Do you need light and dark variants?
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I have asked the Figwheel creator about this. But you could offer him that help, maybe? Here’s the issue I created: (For Calva I would like to have different symbols for lein-figwheel and Figwheel Main, but I can make do with just a Figwheel one.)

Yes. It should be clear that it is a CLI/deps project repl. So probably that text should be in the symbol.

Not at the moment, but thanks for asking! :sunny:

I would prefer SVG files. Right now I don’t need icon sizes. I render these images in 100x100, and might want to go down to 80x80.

And I now see another nasty bug in that CLJS screenshot… :crying_cat_face:

Oh, forgot to answer this one. Rather than variants it should be just one, that works on both light and dark backgrounds.

Thanks for answering those questions. Sounds like we will need the following:

  1. Icon for lein-figwheel repl
  2. Icon for figwheel-main repl
  3. Icon for CLI/deps repl

My thought would be to do a set for all three of those and put the figwheel ones in that github issue. If they get adopted: great! If someone else makes something better we can switch it to that. I figure this way I wont be blocked :grin: but I’ll follow whatever procedure you recommend.

I would prefer SVG files. Right now I don’t need icon sizes. I render these images in 100x100, and might want to go down to 80x80.

Right SVG of course :+1: However knowing the context will speed up my process by constraining the style. For instance at 80 px to 100 px the word “lein-figwheel” or “figwheel-main” will definitely be readable. However if you wanted to use them as the tab bar icon in the tab-bar at the top of those screenshots, that information will be completely lost.

That’s what’s needed, yes.

Uploading suggestions to that issue sounds great to me.

Please note that Rich generally does not approve the inclusion of the Clojure logo inside other logos, so the top example is not ok.

Noted! That is the current Calva icon, so now I will need to think hard. Please give me some time to solve it.

I will probably need more of your help here, @eccentric_j. You know where to reach me.

@PEZ Good news: I’ve got more free time these next two weeks, will try to get the REPL icons and a few Calva logo options done this week.

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I don’t know how to thank you enough!

This is how it looks like right now for a cli/deps project:

The Clojure logo is moved out of the Calva icon, per @alexmiller’s request, and I got myself a nice and friendly new Calva logo in the process. :smile:

Again thanks a ton! The Clojure community totally rocks.


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