The Clouncil, Season 1, Episode 4

Coming Wednesday we’re hosting the fourth edition of The Clouncil, a one-hour show on Zoom for Clojure beginners.

You can watch the first two episodes to see what it’s like. We’re here to help beginners and have some laughs, and many laughs have already been had.

Dial in to the #the-clouncil channel on Clojurians to find the Zoom link, it will be posted shortly before the event starts. You can send in questions beforehand on our site, and there will be a chance to participate in the conversation spontaneously as well.

Clojurists of all levels are welcome to come hang out with us, but we do really want to reach the people who are still early on in their journey, and you can help us with that! Please reach out to any colleagues, family, friends, who could use some Clojure help, or who just haven’t really found their way into the community yet. And when participating as a more experienced Clojurist, try to leave space for the beginners in the room to take the stage.


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