The Clouncil, Wed 27 July 2022, 16:30 UTC

Coming Wednesday tune in once again for the Clouncil ! A one-hour Zoom show for Clojure beginners where we answer all your questions!

Come and hang out with us, join the banter, have a laugh, and become part of the growing #theclouncil community. You can find us hanging out on the #the-clouncil channel on Clojurians. That’s also where the Zoom link will be shared at the start of the event. You can chat to us there about what you’re up to, and maybe we’ll pick up your topic during the session. You can also send in questions beforehand on our site, and there will be a chance to participate in the conversation spontaneously as well. You can RSVP right here on ClojureVerse.

You can watch the previous episodes to see what it’s like. We try our best to help Clojure beginners, we guarantee you’ll have some laughs.

If you are already an experienced Clojurists than this is not the place for you, but you can still help us to reach the people we are trying to reach! Please reach out to any colleagues, family, friends, who could use some Clojure help, or who just haven’t really found their way into the community yet.