The Cost of JavaScript [Link]

This is an absolutely fantastic article which is just as relevant to ClojureScript development as it is to any other JS language.

It perfectly summarizes why shadow-cljs uses :modules as the default and why it supports very fine grained Build Reports. :advanced is very very good and means that we don’t have to do much of the stuff the JS world has to do but :modules are still worth it in many projects. While easy npm access is nice it can also be a curse so always remember to check what those npm packages you use actually cost you via the build reports.


Yes! I’ve spent the last couple weeks optimizing our website before the go-live, and optimizing the JS code was honestly the easiest part. shadow-cljs has some great out-of-the-box tools to help with performance and optimizations. :+1: Really appreciate the work you’ve done in that.

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Also, holy crap - the median webpage is 15s until interactive??

How did you measure that ? With Chrome devtools “Audit” ?

Are you asking about that 15s number? I got that from the article. If you’re asking about how I went about measuring performance for my own site, I used Chrome devtools - mostly using the network tab and using DOMContentLoaded as a baseline, as well as New Relic metrics.

Finished reading the article. Won-der-ful. In the comment section there’s a link to a project that uses lighthouse to collect metrics and display them on a graphana dashboard.

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