The London Clojurians just got bigger!

Hi all,

The London Clojurians just got bigger!!!

as we are approaching 4000 members worldwide I thought it was time to increase the number of talks we organise.

After organising Clojure talks every two weeks for 3 years on my own, in the past couple of months, two new organisers have joined the team: @alinposho and @kerron .
Many thanks to both for helping to grow the community and organising awesome Clojure content.

We are now preparing a pipeline of talks for the next several months, then we will increase the frequency of our online talks to weekly talks. As usual, all our talks will be published on our YouTube channel London Clojurians - YouTube and available free of charge.

We are still growing our organisers’ team, so if you fancy helping us, get in touch with me.

In the meantime, here is the list of the talks we have currently scheduled for the next couple of months and there will be many more to come.

If you have a topic that you wish to present to our community please fill out the following form London Clojurians proposal for Online talk and we will be in touch with you to set a date.


This is wonderful news, as talks are an excellent way to keep up with the latest ideas in the Clojure world. One thing that might be useful for others to know is that the London Clojurians talks are published on the Clojureverse calendar, which means that you can subscribe to them with this iCalendar URL:

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