The Tao of Calva

In this post I wanted to draw your attention to how easy it is to hack on Calva.

As I mentioned in a comment there, it had me thinking about how Calva documentation is structured and led me to publish the user documentation at ReadTheDocs.

And not only that. It is nice and all that the development process is streamlined and set in a friendly and welcoming environment. But, as Christian Fehse, of the Calva Team, highlighted to me, it begs the question:

What is a good Calva contribution?

This got me to try paint the Calva picture as clear as I see it in my head. I don’t know how well my attempt succeeded, but anyway, the result is a text that I titled The Tao of Calva. I just published it on the home page of the Calva Development Wiki:

Please have a read. And please give me feedback. I am hoping it will make you get the Calva development environment running on your machine. There is so much work left to do on Calva! :heart_eyes: