Three.js + Electric Clojure demo

Note: the integration is 337 LOC and here is what the app code looks like: app code. For comparison, electric-dom is also ~350 LOC. Note that this demo doesn’t leverage Electric’s magic network at all, but will profit from that when the time eventually comes.

I think this is relevant to the recent discussion driven by /u/thheller about using ClojureScript in a lightweight manner:

/u/thheller: I hope to have convinced you at least a bit that CLJS frontend doesn’t need to be this heavy complex behemoth it is often portrayed as.

We agree. By properly building reactive concurrency and RAII resource cleanup into the language itself, heavy frameworks can be eliminated. The tiny size of the integrations (to now two very different rendering targets – three.js and the dom) are a clear demonstration of this claim.


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