Time to move on

after several years of clj-study, i believe time has come now for me to venture into something new. :slight_smile:

looking back on my clj-experience, i have to say, that it was a great ride. :slight_smile: i feel like i was able to learn about a great many new and interesting things and ideas, which allowed me to grow in a number of dimensions.

also, i am grateful for all the help that i have received from the clj-community.

anyway, best of luck to everyone; stay safe! and:

頑張って :slight_smile:


Good luck in your future endeavors! Do you know what tech you are most likely to go after next?


Thank you. Actually i have decided that i would like to invest some more time in learning about mathematics. :smile:

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Ah, as a fellow mathematician by trade, I salute you for that!


@taf all the best wishes!

Re: mathematics

You may like to know that Clojure is becoming a fantastic way to learn (some parts of) math. Sicmutils, together with the various tools and libraries for data visualizations, and together with the REPL, is becoming an amazing way to access ideas, check them, and make them clear. This applies to very concrete examples, but also to more abstract ideas.

There is a study group about all that, that just started. Some really nice people of various backgrounds are helping each other to grasp some of the concepts of calculus, symbolic math, geometry, mechanics, etc.

As someone who’s learned math in more conventional ways, I feel that this way of REPL-driven math opens up wonderful ways to learn and understand things. It could have mattered a lot if I had it with me as a student.

Maybe you’d like to consider joining that study group, alongside your path with math. I’ll be happy to chat about this and see if I can help. :blush:


Thank you so much for your kind words!

Now about the mathematics :smile: … here is the thing… i just worked my way through a good deal of the following book, which i absolutely loved!


I guess it is actually intended not even for university students but for high school students who are about to enter university. still some of the problems in the book, i was not able to solve… for the life of me… really :smile:

for example consider the following ( i hope it is OK for me to post this short excerpt from the book here,… also plz ignore my silly coloring of everything… :smile: )

so… basically i get that this stuff is just absolutely beautiful… i am just not any good at it! :smile:

anyway… i am just starting out… and so i want to simply tackle a number of books on my own for the time being… but i really really do appreciate your offer… and maybe someday i might just show up out of the blue and take you up on it! :smile:

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