Touch event handling... in reagent svg scribble thingy

i was thinking about perhaps wanting to do a little sketch widget thingy… searched the web… and quickly discovered the following:


so… i copy paste… works like a charm!.. :smile: … but it does not cover handlers for touch events…

…now… so… i guess i was just wondering / hoping… you know… if someone has already thought about how to handle touch events in such a situation… and would be willing to share know-how :smile: :smile:

so… i was kind of able to get this to work… but i am still not yet 100% satisfied with how i’ve ended up implementing it :frowning: … so if anyone has a clean solution for this i’d still be very much interested in having a look at that… :smile:

anyway… you can now have sketches as flashcard-content on my web-app.

also you can make good use of this SVG drawing functionality, if you wanna learn about japanese characters… the following screencast, i just created, shows how that works:

p.s. would you consider the amount of computer-background-noise in the video to be annoying… or not really noticable?

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That’s really cool. I’ve been studying Mandarin, and just yesterday I started working on a flash card app because nothing I’ve found works the way I want. I hadn’t even thought about sketching, that’s even better. The stroke order recording is perfect. I would prefer to sketch out the whole character from scratch and then compare it to the original when done (e.g., without substituting in strokes from the original). This works fine, though.

Mnemosyne has a feature that’s incredibly useful for language study. It lets you create “Vocabulary” cards with 4 fields: Word, Pronunciation, Meaning, and Notes. It will then create 2 cards, one from Word->Others and one from Meaning->Others. As an example,

Word: 阿
Pronunciation: ā
Meaning: prefix for people’s names
Notes: mound . may (My names for the two components of the character)

This creates 2 cards:
Hint: 阿
Answer: ā / prefix for people’s names / mound . may

Hint: prefix for people’s names
Answer: 阿 / ā / mound . may

Mnemnosyne does retain the fields separately, and the cards stay linked (changes to one affect the other), so it is a little more involved than just concatenating fields into a “back side”.

The typing noise is fine.

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thx! :smile:

that is awesome! ( personally i think that asian culture and language is incredibly rich!.. the more i am able to learn… to more intrigued i become!.. ( IT IS REALLY NOT JUST THE FOOD!!! ))

been there, doing that! :smile: … also… generally speaking… ( i think ) a just-roll-your-own-mentality is really a hallmark of the seasoned lisp programmer :smile: … have fun!

personally i think that, for learning logographs… this kind of… going through the motions approach… it just makes the most sense to me… the inspiration for this came from: ( i think there is also a hanzi trainer )

i am going to add support for that, as part of an upcoming “workflow”-feature-set, in that, the user will be able to create new cards on the basis of… while studying… other cards… on the fly… but that is gonna take me a couple of months to get done :smile:

that is really interesting!!! at this point i am planing on adding an additional ( optional ) mnemonic field to my cards as well,… that just seams to be highly desirable after all :smile:… also… i will add support for pronunciation ( that’s obviously super important! ) in the form of making audio a third option for content type ( besides text and sketch )…

taking a step back… i believe that what is most important when tackling a largish project… like the study of an asian language :smile:… is PATIENCE!.. which… turns out…is not really my forte :smile:… so… with this flashcard-app i try to use my progress with japanese sort of as a “pace-maker”… so… by the time i’ll have passed the JLPT N1 exam, ( that’s gonna take me years! ) i hope for this app to offer support for pretty neat stuff… like interactive study options for learners… you know… so you don’t have to pester your friends and family to pose you those flashcard questions… ( form experience i can tell you that people hate doing that! :smile: )… but anyway… ultimately… to me… this entire japanese / SPA adventure is really about having fun exploring ever new horizons… so… not sure where all of this is gonna take me… and / or how long it is gonna take me… but i guess in the end that doesn’t even matter… at all :smile:

aaaanyway… wrote more than i was planning to… but your comment made me kind of happy… so i got carried away… a little… i guess :smile:

bottom line… i think it is really great that you wanna do a flashcard app! you are not gonna regret it!!!


i was not really thinking of the typing… that doesn’t bother me one bit :smile:… but in that video there is quite a bit of background-fan-noise :frowning: … normally / recently i would sometimes move my entire computer further away from the mic before recording… but that’s a bit of a pain… since i have to power it off first… and also people keep telling me, that they do not really mind the humming in the background… so i am a little bit torn… but personally it still bothers me… so… i guess i will go for a better sound quality next time i’ll do a screencast after all :smile:

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