Traffic-light-Oriented Programming - [Are We There Yet?]

Sometimes I like to drive.

One of the most amazing thing on roads is “a fight for every second” on a traffic light.
We (people/drivers) just can’t wait for a green light. You have to start at T = -3 sec.
Just to wait on the next traffic light, or spend couple minutes to find a parking space, or wait in lobby, because your colleagues are late.
Isn’t it funny how easy we forget about our day/lifetime goals in order to grab local maximum?

I sense we do it all the time in our current state [of software development].

Recent discussion about “clojure startup time” (you can pick almost any other topic) is a good example.
It’s pointless without (at least) your workflow description.
Even if you somehow imply a goal (the goal).

Don’t know about you, but my projects usually look like “feed builder”:
Not a few steps, not a simple pipeline, several variations, a lot of early stopping (aka interruptions).

It’s so easy to [over]focus on current step and forget about your main goals.
Or to get into situation.
If you don’t constantly have your project/system picture.

Do you know a tool that support “system visualisation”?
The best example I found ( doesn’t have plugin.


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