Transduction threading macro? (streamer)

I’ve been trying to get myself to use transducers more in my code b/c they seem like they slot in easily and give an easy performance boost - but the notation feels a lil clunky and I end up dropping back to just normal -> / ->> threading.

I then came across this transducer threading macro

However it doesn’t seem to have gotten any traction. Has anyone had experience using this? Are there any immediate drawbacks or gotchas I should look out for?

To me the solution looks very natural, so I feel like I’m maybe missing some issues b/c I’m a bit murky on transducer


I think injest takes this to its logical conclusion, and adds some opt-in pathing semantics as well as parallelism.


Wow that looks amazing. Thank you for showing me that. Not only transducers, but parralellization as well… and some fantastic fixes to everyday annoyances with vanilla threading

I feel I’m going to be using this everywhere!