Trouble with test setup after cljs update


I have a problem with my tests when upgrading clojurescript. The last working version of cljs is 1.9.521, with 1.9.542 it fails. This is the failure:

goog.require could not find:

  phantomjs://code/test.js:26 in logToConsole_
Error: goog.require could not find:

  phantomjs://code/test.js:27 in require

tools/money.cljs is my lib I want to test, it’s located it src-cljs/tools, while the test & test runner are in test-cljs/test. The runner looks like this:

(ns test.test-runner
  (:require []
            [clojure.test :as t :refer [run-all-tests]]))


(defmethod t/report [::t/default :end-run-tests] [m]
  (when-let [exit (cond (exists? js/phantom) js/phantom.exit
                        (exists? js/process) js/process.exit)]
    (exit (+ (:fail m) (:error m)))))


And the beginning of the test:

  (:require [clojure.test :refer [deftest testing is are run-tests]]
            [ :as money])) ; <- without this line the error goes away, but obviously the tests all fail ;)
; ...

Compiling raises no errors or warnings besides replacing cljs.core/zero? and cljs.core/neg?, and in the production code everything works fine!
Ah, finally I run the tests with phantomjs app/assets/javascripts/cljs/test.js

Here the CLJS Changelog and the Changelog of the Google Closure compiler (which was updated in that release)

Thanks, Johannes

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