UIx Playground, interactive ClojureScript playground

Happy to announce UIx Playground, a coding sandbox running on bootstrapped ClojureScript https://uix-playground.vercel.app/

  • Create, share, remix and embed projects
  • Start online in the playground, export as shadow-cljs project for local development
  • Comes pre-bundled with React, UIx, Tailwind, react-query, react-router-dom, Three.js and React Three Fiber (more libraries will be added in future)
  • Driven by Monaco editor, with basic intellisense
  • Bug reports and feature requests are welcomed GitHub - roman01la/uix-playground: Interactive ClojureScript playground

That is extremely cool, congratulations!

Did you code the playground using UIx itself?

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Thanks! The project is built with UIx and a bunch of React libs to speed up UI development.

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