Useful Libraries for clj/cljs

Here are a list of libraries that I find very useful and make my clojure programming even more joyful. They are grouped (roughly) by categories, and for each of them I try to describe the most frequent used part.

Hopefully you guys could also share some of yours fav libs!

Libraries that use macros

Libraries that (ab)use data readers

I find myself using hashp most of the time since there is least characters to type. Also debux’s dbgn/clogn is very powerful when debugging form evaluation. There is also, but I didn’t find the need to use it.

Examples of hashp and debux:

user=> #p (let [x 1 y 2] (+ x y))
#p (let [x 1 y 2] (+ x y)) => 3

user=> #d/dbgn (let [x 1 y 2] (+ x y))
dbgn: (let [x 1 y 2] (+ x y)) =>
| x =>
|   1
| y =>
|   2
| (+ x y) =>
|   3
| (let [x 1 y 2] (debux.common.util/insert-blank-line) (+ x y)) =>
|   3

normal clj/cljs libraries


The is always worth perusing, too :blush:

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