Using doc and source in cider vs lein repl

I noticed last night that when using a repl started with lein repl I can use doc and source without prefixing them with the clojure.repl namespace, but if I don’t prefix them with the namespace when using the repl in cider I will get unresolved symbol errors. Does that mean in the former case something like (require '[clojure.repl :refer :all]) is taking place? I’m trying to understand what is causing the difference in behavior. In both cases it is nrepl 0.2.13 that is being started.

Seems you’ve found a regression.

Normally CIDER invokes exactly the same code as the standard REPL on start (clojure.core/map clojure.core/require clojure.main/repl-requires), but it seems this was recently broken in 0.16. Please, file a ticket - should be something easy.

No need for the bug report, btw - I’ve just fixed the bug. See

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