Video recording - Scicloj meeting #13 - Machine Learning in Clojure (September 2020)


Last weekend, Scicloj hosted a meeting about the state of machine learning in Clojure. We had three presentations:

  1. The emerging Clojure ML stack: a user perspective, focusing on @cnuernber’s and @generateme’s fastmath, by @daslu. Both and fastmath are written in Clojure.
  2. Weka + clkj-ml in practice: An experience report, by Kiran Karkera. Weka is a Java machine learning library that is over 20 years old, and clj-ml an interface to Weka.
  3. A machine learning REPL workflow for Geni, by Anthony Khong. geni is a wrapper for the Apache Spark ecosystem.

This meeting is a great hands-on introduction to three ways of doing machine learning from the REPL in Clojure, two presentations are entirely REPL-based.

Meeting video:


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