Visual-tools group -- meeting 1

(edit: time change)

Recently we discussed the idea to organize a group that would collaborate on tooling for literate programming and data visualization /exploration.

Following that discussion and the responses at the survey, we are organizing the first meeting of that group.

It will be a casual first meeting to feel out a direction and desired timings.

Friday Feb. 4th, 16:00 UTC
Friday Feb. 4th, 14:00 UTC
This is not necessarily the fixed time for the periodical weekly / monthly meetings we are hoping to have. For now, it is a one-time meeting at a time slot that was relatively popular in the survey.

Length: 90 minutes


  • short intros
  • updates by tool creators
  • discussion of plans for the near future: periodical meetings, collaboration, etc.
  • open discussion


  • We will use Zoom for the video call.
  • We will use the #visual-tools Zulip stream for chat (see the meeting 1 topic thread).
  • The Zoom link will be shared in that Zulip topic thread before the meeting.

Most of the meeting will be recorded and shared publicly.
Some parts will be unrecorded.

If you know you’d like to participate, please write to us.
If you wish to present anything in the meeting, suggest ideas, or raise questions, that would be wonderful. It’d be good to know in advance if possible so that we can be clever about our use of time.

Other thoughts and comments would help as well. Please comment here at this post, write to us in person, or add your comments and preferences to the survey above. If you wish to get involved in facilitating the group, that is very much welcome too.

Hoping to see you there


Glad to hear most of the meeting will be recorded as 6 am is a little early for me to attend in person :slight_smile: Looking forward to hearing how this goes!

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@seancorfield thanks, yes, sorry for this. It was challenging to find a good hour for all preferences.
We will have to think more before setting the fixed times for periodical meetings.

Following comments by a few friends, we changed the meeting time (edited above).

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I teach from 16:00 to 17:30 UTC on Feb. 4. I will try to catch the last 30 minutes.

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Oh, sorry for this, @MooersLab. Note that the meeting will be about 90 minutes long.

See you all in the meeting today.

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