Visual-tools meeting 2 -- summary & video

visual-tools meeting 2 – summary & video

Last Saturday, 12 of us joined the second meeting of the new visual-tools group, a group for collaborations across different Clojure projects for literate programming and data visualization.

The main topic of this meeting was compatibility and composability across tools.

The meeting was moderated by @kiramclean.
The following tool creators were involved in the discussion: @PEZ - Calva; @vlaaad - Reveal; David Omre - Sidebar; @mauricioszabo - Chlorine, Clover; @djblue - Portal; Adrian Smith - Viscous; @Lukas_Domagala - omni-trace; @daslu - Notespace.
A few other wise friends have joined and helped out.


  • discussed the problem statement following previous discussions of Adrian Smith and @Lukas_Domagala

  • brainstormed various directions of compatibility

  • suggested concrete directions to experiment with – for example:

    • a proof of concept of code that can be rendered in both Reveal and Portal
    • porting Reveal plugins to Portal (Adrian Smith)
    • offering notation to allow rendering the same code in Portal for dynamic exploration, and in one of the literate programming tools (say Oz or Clerk) for documentation

If anybody wishes to be involved in these experiments, please reach out – we may possibly meet and try together.


As usual, we recorded till some point and then continued chatting. Here is the recorded part:

Notes & resources

A small example by @daslu using Portal and nREPL:

Notes by @prnc: Visual Tools #2 - Google Docs

Diagram by David Orme:

Next meetings

The next time we meet will be an all-hands general meeting Saturday, Mar. 5th, 16:00 UTC.

More details will be announced soon.

Will you join us?

Please reach out if you are interested in this group.

It is recommended to follow the #visual-tools Zulip stream and the Slack channel of the same name.

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