Visual-tools meeting 25 - keg-party and HTMX - summary & recording

On June 7th, 2024, the Scicloj visual-tools group had its 25th meeting.

In this meeting, Mark Bastian presented keg-party, a collaborative tap> server written using HTMX.

It was an outstanding demo, where all participants could interact over one server.
Mark also shared enlightening comments regarding the implementation and the broader picture of HTMX and visual tooling.


Will you join us?

Please reach out if you are interested in this group.
It is recommended to follow the #visual-tools Zulip stream and the #visual-tools Slack channel.

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How can I join this? Could you please guide me about this? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is the summary of a meeting from June.
Future meetings will be announced here at the Clojureverse and the channels linked above.

Is there anything specific you are looking to join?