Want to mentor learning Clojurians for Open-Source work with Athens?


First, thanks for the warmth, helpfulness and finesse here at Clojureverse. It’s been a great part of my own journey learning Clojure.

Do you want to mentor learning Clojurians for Open-Source work? Athens is looking to make that happen. Athens is an open-source project aiming to build a note-taking tool for networked thought. Sounds like Roam? Yeah. The first step is to build something like Roam. Why duplicate the effort? Because we’d like to own our own data; and not put it on someone else’s server.

As of now, we don’t have much to speak for of code. It’s ClojureScript / Shadow-CLJS, but lots of basic functionality is missing, including GUI for editing. So we need help. We’ve got lots of interest from developers with a myriad of different programming backgrounds. But we’re lacking Clojure experience.

So how do we fix that? We want to build a mentorship program to quickly take developers from zero Clojure to first code contribution. What’s the bottleneck? Lack of experienced Clojurians to help mentor.


  • We want mentors to commit to following up learners for five weeks, with at least one synchronous call per week
  • A mentor will interact with a pair of learners (who also commit to five weeks)
  • We want to set a specific starter issue as a goal early to have a north star, of sorts.

Why not just lurk in Slack, on Clojureverse, etc?

  • You get to follow up on the progress of someone you actually get to know, and that are dedicated to learning.
  • The starter issue & project contribution provides a clear goal.

So, what to do if you’re interested?

Check out the mentorship program, and fill out the mentors form if you’d like to help! Link to form at the bottom of the page.

Thanks! Hoping to see some of you lovely guys over at the Athens community Discord.


Edit 2020-06-08: Fixed link, thanks @schmudde :pray:
Edit 2020-06-08 2: Didn’t mean to bump, I thought editing would avoid that.


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