Wanted: Example Projects / Test Bed for Editor Tooling

Dear fellow travelers,

When I work with Calva, I have some different projects that I use to try figure out if my changes make things better or worse. It is quite amazing how many moving parts there are! Operating systems (and the diversity inside them), dependency tools, build tools, how these build tools are used, developer workflows, custom REPLs, middle ware, different CLJS tools… you name it! Even if we keep Calva focused on just a subset of all possible project configurations, it is still a very large space of possibilities.

This is a call for help for collecting more samples of project setups, as well as for figuring out how to best maintain such a collection.

Let’s start with the latter. I’m thinking of creating a repository of example projects, probably on Github. Then people can provide example projects to it using the PR mechanism or by telling the repo maintainers (me and whoever wants to help with this) to add some particular repo as a submodule. Do you think that would work? What could work better?

As for the former, if you have a Clojure(Script) project that you want to have good editor tooling support for, please let me know about it by replying to this post. If it is an open source project, a link to the repo is enough (along with a description about what might be special about the project). Otherwise consider making an open source example containing the special things, as is done here:

I realize you might not know how to help with this right now, but please try to remember this thread when you are filing feature requests or bug reports agains Calva or CIDER or any library or tool that is important for your development workflow.

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