We created and maintain Calva - Ask us anything

It will soon be three years since Calva was first released. Back then it was not yet clear how important VS Code would become. It was rather the encouragement from the Clojure community that kept us at it, feature by feature, fix by fix. The VS Code Extensions Marketplace reviews and the repository stars collected, and the activity at the #calva Slack channel, all tell the story of a product that has been there, and will stay there, for the benefit of its users.


Somehow Calva has become a pretty decent Clojure development environment. It has happened from many, many small steps, mixed with some bigger leaps. The latter much thanks to Clojurists Together.

Assuming that The Tao of Calva does not answer all your questions: In waiting for the latest State of Clojure results to drop in, the Calva Team – since quite a while consisting of me and @bpringe – hereby make ourselves available to answer any questions you might have about Calva and the process of creating and maintaining it.