Web scalability for startup engineers - Great book if you are learning web dev

Hey folks, i started learning web development 2-3 years ago, but this year i started learning back-end, and choose Clojure for this. It’s been a great and challenging journey, since Clojure is not exactly the best option for total newbies, still there is people like me who also choose clojure to learn web development.

Web scalability for startup engineers
Was perfect book to connect all the pieces from the web development puzzle, had many moments of “Aha!” while reading.

What is this book about?
It’s about scalability in general, no specific languages or technologies, mostly scalability techniques for the web. But the most interesting aspect, is that it shows to you a general guideline of how big projects works under the hood, how the infrastructure of the system is working together.

Why i recommend it and for who i recommend it?
I strongly recommend this book for everyone that’s right in the middle of the learning path for web development. What do i mean by “in the middle” is, you already know what is an HTTP request, how to create a simple API using Clojure or any other language, have basic knowledge about Databases and so on. This book will clear things to you and make you understand what you need when a project get’s bigger or at very least, how big websites out there in the wild works.

Hope it helps someone like it helped me!

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Thanks for the recommendation!

I’m in a similar situation, having been programming for a while, without much experience working with servers and the back-end. Personally, I’ve found Web Development with Clojure to be of great help. The second edition from 2016 is still relevant, but the third edition is scheduled to be released November this year.

Did you read Web scalability for startup engineers as an E-book or on paper? I’m asking because I prefer using my Kindle for books that just contain text, but the experience isn’t to good for books that rely on figures and code samples.

I’ve read in my computer using O’Reilly platform.

They have a 7 day trial and it was enough to finish the book. The book has some images, and i think it wouldn’t be bad on kindle, there is no code examples as far as i remember.

I’ve tried *Web Development with Clojure * on the beginning of my back-end journey, but it was impossible to grasp anything because i didn’t knew a ton of stuff that the book assumes you know. Interesting how we have books for all levels of learning stages… we just have to figure it out.

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