Week 48: What are you working on this week?

You’re all doing these amazing things, whether it’s for work, open source, or some personal project, and that’s great and all except for the fact that we can’t see what you are doing!

So what are you working on this week? Maybe are you implementing an exciting feature, fixing mundane bugs (or writing them?), or are you caught in a massive yak shave? Share! :slight_smile:


My side project work right now is focused around building some pieces required to talk to AWS IoT, it’s pretty appealing to make websocket connection managment Amazon’s problem, but we’ll see ho it bears out!

I’ve been writing a piece on and off about refactoring deeply-nested conditionals and evaluating a couple of solutions, I only have a couple of other approaches to try at which point I’ll write them up.

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Going to build acoustic isolation box for my Blue Yeti mic. I was about to order one, but then found a couple DIY tutorials and it seemed not that hard to make, so I’m gonna try it with own hands :slight_smile:

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Aside from normal things at WeShop (I get paid to write Lisp, like, what?! :smiley: (and you should totally come and join us in London)) I’m continuing to work on my side project, Bonsai.

I’m not posting it all over the place until I’m happy with the implementation and the documentation, which comes after I’ve nailed down the API. It’s a declarative DOM reconciler (kinda like Reagent) built in 100% ClojureScript without React. It includes some simple state management too.

It’s pretty tiny and uses spec+expound for parsing the hiccup-ish trees, so you get nice errors if you get something wrong. I’m currently adding catches so that errors in user code don’t cause other parts of the tree to stop rendering.

I’m trying to use as few concepts as possible, so it’s just data and some functions, I don’t want to have to write a book to explain the terms to you.

I don’t know if I’ll ever recommend it for production usage, but hopefully it’s an interesting addition to the space https://github.com/Olical/bonsai


I’m taking an online artificial intelligence class. Inspired by it, I wrote a solver in ClojureScript for the 15 tile game. It can solve it when it’s a few moves away but my algorithm it seems is too simple to solve a randomly shuffled but solvable puzzle. Need to learn more!

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