What is most in need in Clojure open-source ecosystem? Looking for OS project to contribute to

I’d like to contribute more to Clojure ecosystem, helping to develop or maintain libs, frameworks or tooling.

With that in mind, I ask myself what would be of value to the community. What is that is in most need of in your opinion?


This is probably a good high-level outline of what the community has indicated is important:

Documentation and (build) tooling are high on the list across the board – and there’s a list of popular/important OSS projects there too.

It’s generally easier to contribute to projects you use fairly heavily, so you’re familar with the community around those projects, and you can ask how specific projects can be helped (improving documentation is pretty much always welcomed – and that’s a very important part of project maintenance).


Thanks! Very helpful link

And, sure, I completely agree regarding documentation :smiley:

I’ve had an amazing experience contributing bits and pieces to @borkdude’s Neil. So perhaps ask him whether there’s something he needs. Or look through Neil’s open issues: