What's is the Clojure Sidekiq library?

At Ruby I used extensively Sidekiq (https://github.com/mperham/sidekiq), there is anything like this for Clojure? With a nice UI, features, etc…?

Also, there is anything like https://www.ruby-toolbox.com to discover Clojure libraries?

First hit for Google search on “Clojure toolbox” gives this result, which is still actively updated by its maintainer: https://www.clojure-toolbox.com/

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I’m not too sure what sidekiq does, but I think this https://github.com/gresrun/jesque might do the trick. There’s also a ui component https://github.com/gresrun/jesque-web though I think you can also use the Ruby resque ui to it.

Having a quick peek at ruby-toolbox, have to say it does seem much nicer, and it gives you popularity and usage stats hehe.

I’m slowly writing one. Nothing public yet, though.

The same authors of Sidekiq created a polyglot alternative named Faktory

I never used sidekiq but at first look it looks like a job scheduler in Ruby with a nice interface.

For Java there’s Quartz
and a Clojure wrapper Quartzite.

It doesn’t have the web-ui and managing part you’re looking for but
as scheduling library it’s as solid as it gets.

Maybe someone should build a “sidekiq” with Java/Quartz instead of Ruby.