What's that library? proxy api, copy metadata from other namespace

I am working on a codebase in which the original has a big proxy namespace in which code is like this:

(def fun1 (other-ns1/fun1))
(def fun1-2 (other-ns2/fun1))

and then those definitions are used heavily in the testing. Of course, the downside is that deffing fns from the other place drops their meta-data, meaning that both docstrings and arg prompts are missing from my tooling.

I remember that there was some library to help with exactly this, facilitating use of the core with-meta function. But I cannot recall what that library was, and searching is coming up blank, too. Does anyone know of the best way to build apis by copying functions from some other namespace and retaining their metadata?

Hello Tory!

You are most likely looking for import-vars in potemkin

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ah hah! Thanks!

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