What's the benefit of self-hosted ClojureScript?

I thought it was good since we got Lumo, then I saw shadow-cljs is doing the job very well. Now I doubt, what’s the benefit?

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I guess Lumo gives you a situation where you code is 100% compatible with the Javascript world because the REPL runs on it basically :smile:

Jokes aside not to have the JVM improves startup time for sure.

About compilation, lumo.build.api uses the Google Closure Compiler ported to JS at the moment so it is very very alpha. So no big benefits aside of not having to spin a JVM at the moment. Shadow-cljs spins it but handles stages/dev mode really well so it feels you don’t have it at all.

I asked the question on Twitter too. I was told that it’s also important that in some devices there’s no JVM, and that’s why self-hosted ClojureScript is important. I agreed.

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