Where do clojureverse tags come from?

The “optional tags” available are pretty limited. Where do these come from? For example, there doesn’t seem to be a “databases” tag, or other things I often would like…

I guess the admins can add them. I’ll have a look if we can open that up. Meanwhile please post in this thread the tags you would want to see.

  • web-development
  • databases
  • transducers
  • interop
  • routing
  • threads
  • repl

I had a better look at the settings, seems it depends on the user’s trust level. Only trust level 3 and up could create new tags, I’ve changed that to level 2 so now you should be able to create tags yourself @Webdev_Tory

Anything else there we should change? maybe “show filter by tag”?

Here’s a good recap of what Discourse trust levels are and how they work Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

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Looks good to me. Thanks!

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