Which one is the sourcecode of the bash clojure command?

I wanted to see the commit history of the clojure script to understand it better but I found 3 versions of the same file in 3 different repositories looking for the text JAVA_CMD:

So, which one is the one will be installed in my machine if I follow the installing instructions for Linux?

A slightly massaged version of https://github.com/clojure/brew-install/blob/1.10.1/src/main/resources/clojure that has PREFIX and ${project.version} replaced by actual values.

The *-api-doc projects are just how the API docs get built and they both happen to have older versions of clojure installed (which have already had those variables replaced).


BTW, I was expecting the brew-install repository to be exclusively of Mac, because the “brew” and it’s README.

As they said, naming is the hardest part of programming. Probably nobody was thinking those scripts to be used outside of Mac.

How can I submit an Issue in that repository for suggesting a modification in the README?

If you don’t already have a JIRA account, you can submit a ticket for any Clojure/Contrib project through the “Clojure Help Desk” and see also https://clojure.org/dev/creating_tickets (the third para is incorrect: you don’t need a JIRA account to create a ticket but the first para is correct).

That said, the core team know the repo has a misleading name :slight_smile: