Who are your Clojure superheroes and why?

I thought it would be fun to talk about the giant (superhero) shoulders on which we perch.

To respond, you have to name one or more Lisp heroes.

Who they are and why?

And you have to tell us why.

Bonus points if you can make a superhero comparison.

I posted the topic, so I will begin.

Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman

These guys basically saved my career. I had spent over two decades of my life confused and angry and confused again. I stumbled upon these lectures and I finally understood most of the purpose of programming.

Superhero comparison:
The original Adam West and Burt Ward television Batman series. I was a depressed and isolated child and I discovered this series and I finally understood that campy and geeky solutions could actually change the world.


Guy L. Steele. (A) One of the creators of Scheme, a beautiful language, and clearly part of the inspiration for Clojure. (B) Author of the language reference Common Lisp, the Language, which wrangles documentation for a sprawling, sometimes unruly Lisp into a text that is, in general, clear, often eloquent, and sometimes entertaining. Did similar work for Java and C.

I don’t know what superhero you can compare to a language lawyer, but he’s no less of a hero for that.

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