Why clojure-maven-plugin does not create target/test/clojure/core_test.clj file to be able to RT.loadResourceScript it?

I am playing with mixed Java/Clojure setup. And my idea was to start using clojure from Test part first.
I am thinking of calling some clojure tests from Java, like in examples with src/main/clojure/ part

For example, to have /src/test/java/MyTest.java with following code:

// running my clojure code
IFn test = RT.var("com.mycompany.app.core-test", "-test");
System.out.println( test.invoke(42) );

But problem is that I cannot make maven-clojure-plugin to put core_test.clj file to target/test-classes/com/mycompany/app folder :frowning:
All .class files are there after mvn clojure:testCompile, but not .clj (in contrast with core.clj which is copied to /target/classes/com/mycompany/app folder as expected)

Or am I wrong and clojure tests are not supposed to be called from Java code like this?

It seems like the sort of thing that should be possible.

Where is com/mycompany/app/core_test.clj? Is it in src/test/resources/?

Ok, I found a way. Just added this to pom.xml


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