Wikipedia article for Data-oriented programming

Dear Clojurists,

As Clojure developers we take it for granted that data lies at the core of our programs.

As Rich Hickey frames it: Jus use maps!

Let’s spread the word with the global community of developers and teach them the principles of Data-oriented programming.

I have started to write the draft of a Wikipedia article about Data-oriented programming. It would me my pleasure to get helps from the community on the authoring of the article. Here is the draft.

Here is how you could contribute:

  1. Add content to the article
  2. Make corrections to the article
  3. Provide feedback on the article in this thread
  4. Add sources (for the moment, I am able to find only sources related to Clojure)
  5. Simple share that you like the idea of teaching the principles of Data-oriented programming to the global community of developers.

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