Workshop video: Wrangling Sequences with Injest by John Newman (2021-11-22)

In this 2021-11-22 workshop, @John_Newman introduced Injest:

John’s description:

Note: This workshop covers material that is best understood by reviewing a prior workshop: “The Structure and Interpretation of Clojure Transducers”
Summary: Injest provides thread macros (e.g. x>>, =>>) that lower the bar to higher performance by letting you compose transducers in the same way as you would with ->>. In this workshop we will introduce you to injest’s three main features: path threads, auto transducification and auto parallelization. Then, we’ll go over some real-world examples of transforming (wrangling) data sequences. We’ll spend the remaining time of the workshop in an open session, answering questions and trying things out at the REPL. I might even wear a cowboy hat, in further jest :cowboy_hat_face:

Many thanks, John, for the fantastic workshop, and everybody for the great discussion.

The recommended background is the transducers workshop by Ben Sless:

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