Would be practical to create an entire e-commerce from scratch with clojure?

Hello folks. I want your opinion on this, keep in mind that I’m talking about an e-commerce who would be just starting on the field of selling things online, not an enterprise solution or anything.

And yes, I’m aware of a lot of ready solutions on the market, but i don’t know how they compare to creating a custom solution of your own.

Administrator solutions on this special case, wouldn’t really be a problem, so i wouldn’t need to create an entire system/api for admin access to update the e-commerce. it could be done programmatically without major problems. Guess this makes things more easier, but still i don’t know if this is something worth it…

We have an entire online dating system – which is B2C e-commerce – built from scratch in Clojure. That’s the backend API for the member-facing website (which is a React.js-based SPA), the Login/Auth services (separate web apps, implementing OAuth2), the Billing service (separate web app), the Messaging/Chat app (SocketIO-based server), and most of the overall admin of the entire system is in Clojure.

The latter is a work-in-progress as the initial admin was built years ago in a different technology and we’re actively rewriting it to Clojure.

Overall, we have about 90K lines of Clojure at this point (20K is test code, 70K is production code). All managed with the CLI / deps.edn tooling, FYI.

So, yeah, definitely practical. Might take you quite a bit of time and effort tho’.


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