About the Starter issues category

This category is for project maintainers who want to reach out and give people in the community an easy way to get involved with their project. The target audience for these issues:

  • Clojurists who are looking to contribute to a new project
  • People new to Clojure

Think about what you are offering as much as about what you are asking. The point here is not the free labor, it’s providing support to help people grow and gain experience, and to get acquainted with a project and open source in general, and maybe become a regular contributor later on.

  • Clearly explain the issue, ideally link to a ticket e.g. a Github issue
  • Provide some background, what is needed to solve this, where in the code can they start looking
  • Do you have instructions on how to start working on your project? (from 0 to REPL in 60 seconds)
  • Will you provide code reviews, or are you open to (remote) pairing?

If you post your issue here you commit to being patient and forgiving. Don’t nitpick people’s code to death. Provide useful feedback, and help people to get their changes merged. Remember, everything can be improved later.