Clojure Sustainability Works is launched!

I’m happy to announce the long-overdue launch of Clojure Sustainability Works, a sub-community for helping sustainability-oriented Clojure projects and programmers find each other, and collaborate fruitfully. See the README post.

It’s hosted here on ClojureVerse, as a special category. The way I see it, its main feature consists of a registry of companies and job offers, making them easier to discover for those Clojurians who have a special interest in this kind of companies.

Hopefully, this community will also be useful as a portal to other sustainability initiatives. The README post lists some.

Sustainability-oriented Clojure projects are a small world, and so I wouldn’t expect a lot of daily activity here, although that would be a pleasant surprise. The durable curation of companies is probably the most valuable part, and in a way it’s good that it won’t get diluted in a lot of other offers. ClojureVerse enables you to subscribe to notifications about categories, so that’s what I recommend if you’re interested.

How to do your part

If you want to help this initiative, you can:

  1. Share this announcement post.
  2. Encourage companies to register themselves (by creating a post here), if you know some that seem to belong in CSW. I know at least 3 which I hope will join soon. Experience shows that while most companies view joining CSW as beneficial, they still have to be harassed repeatedly nudged into actually doing it. That’s understandable, as it’s never anyone’s top priority.
  3. Review companies introduction posts - discussing them and challenging their sustainability-orientation is a normal part of this community’s life (as long as it’s done charitably). This can be done anonymously, that’s why we enabled anonymous commenting in ClojureVerse.
  4. Give feedback - it’s warmly welcome, and this initiative is open to evolution. In particular, it might make sense to imagine other collaboration modes between programmers and companies than employment, such as organizing OS work or one-off consulting/mentoring gigs. Philosophical debates and mutual career guidande are also welcome and encouraged.

I hope you’ll find this useful, and again, a warm welcome :slight_smile: