Welcome to Clojure Sustainability Works! README

This category is for helping sustainability-oriented Clojure projects and programmers find each other, and collaborate fruitfully.

  • The CSW: Companies category lists sustainability-oriented companies that work in Clojure.
    • If you know some company which you think belongs here, please encourage them to introduce themselves! (by creating a topic here.) Even if they have no currently open position, having many companies listed here sends a positive signal that will help the community (and jobs market) thrive.
    • Should a company fail to respond, you can also add it yourself, but we prefer companies to be introduced by people who work there.
  • The CSW: Jobs category is for posting job offers from the above-mentioned companies. (If you’re interested, remember that you subscribe to notifications for this category.)
  • Until more specialised categories are created, this category (Clojure Sustainability Works) can be used for general discussion (serious or casual :slightly_smiling_face:).

Consider acting outside of this community

Clojure Sustainability Works is meant for programmers who want to work towards sustainability:

  1. by doing software development
  2. in Clojure
  3. as their day job
  4. in a sustainability-oriented company.

When aiming for impact, each of these 4 points is questionable. To any Clojurian striving for sustainability: we encourage you not to limit your search to this community.

To explore non-Clojure opportunities, you might want to look at:

… and of course, aside from software engineering work, you might consider other career paths, volunteering, various flavors of political activism, teaching, writing, political office, Effective Altruism, etc.