Ds4clj course -- initial brainstorming

Following the recent broad support on Clojureverse and Reddit conversations and elsewhere, we will begin ds4clj – a data-science course for Clojure devs – in :star: Fall 2022 :star:.

You may find the tentative details in the ds4clj course page.

As a first step, we will have a brainstorming meeting, to get to know each other and discuss the desired directions, style, and format of the group.


The meeting will be 90 minutes long.


Video call

Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom


This meeting might not be recorded. We will decide during the meeting whether to record some parts.


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@maxxcan @mindaslab see this event for our brainstorming meeting.

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I’ll register in short

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See you at the brainstorming today. :pray:

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