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Since the beginning of 2022, we have been using the Events Plugin to schedule various events.

For reference, see the Discourse Events Plugin discussion we had back then.


The plugin allows us to announce an event simply as a new Topic. People can add their comments (as a regular discussion), mark they are “Going”, and add the event to their calendar. Also, the Clojure calendar feed supports adding such events automatically.

We have been encountering a few problems so far:

  • It tries to show the time in your time zone, but is not always correct (e.g., it thinks I am at GMT+2, but currently I am at GMT+3).
  • The page is not displayerd correctly if you are not logged in (unlike most Clojureverse discussions).
  • The “Add to Calendar” link does not work for everybody (depending on the Calendar app).

Before we consider whether we should change anything, could you please comment on your experience with this plugin so far?
Are the problems above something you experience?
Is anything else confusing or broken for you?


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My only comment is that I am ingesting this feed to make events for the list on the front page of, so if you change it, let me know. :slight_smile: I wish the data in the ical feed had a location in it.

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Thank! That is very helpful.

It turns out that if we do not enable RSVP, then the event is visible without login.
This may remove the main obstacle.

If necessary, we can use a dedicated form to mark participation, as @zackteo does in Clojure Asia events.

Even if we use this practice to avoid the invisibility problem, we still have the problem of the wrong time zone being displayed (last Saturday, this made a few people show up one hour earlier to the visual-tools meeting).

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the problem of the wrong time zone being displayed

Looks like there is a bugfix – I’ll try updating the plugin soon:

Updating the plugin seems to have fixed the time zone issues.


@zackteo @BrunoBonacci @alinposho @kerron @eval @plexus @seancorfield

Please note the Events Plugin might behave a bit differently after the update.

One known difference: in the new version, adding an event to a topic is possible only in specific categories.
This means that when creating a new topic, the Add Event button will appear only after you assign a relevant category to the topic.
At the moment, the only category with events enabled is Meetups and Events).


@alexmiller the event-page on is powered by this ical-feed, right?
The data for that feed originates from the events-stream on Zulip - the Discourse plugin has no (direct) effect on that feed.

It has (added some weeks ago), but most events just have LOCATION:online :slight_smile: .

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Thanks!! Added.


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