Introduce yourself!

I am Fengtao Hu,
Come from beijing,china.
I use clojure on my work for nearly 5 years, I love Clojure.
I hope to learn more clojure technology from this site and make friends with clojurers.


Hello everyone!

I’m David Bruce and I have only recently picked up Clojure a few weeks ago. After toying with the idea of learning a lisp for years I finally decided to take the plunge. I have a lot of experience with the JVM so Clojure was a natural choice. I look forward to chatting with everyone. :slight_smile:


I never added to this thread when I first joined Clojureverse, but I keep seeing it appear so I’m reminded that I should participate.

I’m Paula, an Australian living in Virginia in the USA. I’ve been writing software professionally for 28 years. I started learning FP (via SICP) in 2004, and I began with Clojure in 2010. My domain expertise was in the Semantic Web and graph databases, which is where I’m still spending a lot of my time.

Since I first started with Clojure I’ve been lucky enough to work exclusively for employers who use it. I’ve spent time on side projects with other languages in the meantime, but I keep coming back to Clojure. The language is just unreasonably effective :slight_smile:

Paula Gearon


Hello everyone,

I started learning Clojure some months back. I’m not a full-time programmer, more of a scholar working with digital humanities, semantic data, RDM, and such stuff. I’ve always fancied programming and still try to learn new things as much as possible. I did some things with Haskell years back, and ever since I learned about Clojure some years ago I’ve been looking for a small project I could work on.

So now I’ve been working with a set of data analysis tools for a reseach project, using the Hoplon framework. Which has been a very interesting first project, althought perhaps not the easiest one to begin with.

I certainly like Clojure (& ClojureScript) quite much, and I do try to keep using them also in the future! Think more, write less!

Harri Kiiskinen


Hi, I’m Kees from California…


Been on the silent periphery of programming communities for some time. Love code and design but no training, experience, history working with others. Anything I’ve made just exists on my little island. I want to change that!

I work in foodservice. Love art and dance, homemaking, cooking, learning, music, movies,… Even the outdoors these days.
I make the 4pm family coffee and it rekindled my caffeine addiction. But the tea…

:bmo: Landed my first freelance for a full stack SPA in a fashion industry context.
I began studying cl/js several months ago when I got flustered with OOs. It feels natural to choose clojure as a challenge-inclined industry newcomer/outsider.

Thanks for reading. You could message with anything topical :kissing: I’m open. It’s nice to see this forum casts a broad net by location and experience. I look forward to continue to absorb what I read here, and hopefully enjoy consulting with others among the hobbyists and experts.


Hi harrikoo, I’m a programmer working with scholars on things like RDF/OWL and digital humanities. I basically only use Clojure.

Clojure holds for me the record as the language I have been most delighted to use for the longest time.

I have lived with my wife outside Philadelphia, PA, US, for a little over 35 years. I’ve been programming for pay since 1978, and before that in 1969 or so in and out of class. (And I accidentally deleted my first program in 1968 or so: it was wires on a punchboard, and I used some of them to make my own, not realizing it was actually a “program”.)

I’ve been using Clojure for 14 years, starting in production almost immediately when a system upgrade completely invalidated an existing interface to a medical system. Clojure’s native and interop abilities gave me XML processing, ZIP library access, and I was able to get time-sensitive reports off to the federal Medicare authorities about six hours after someone mentioned that the reports weren’t being sent. I credit Clojure for that, not myself.

Since then, I’ve never left it out of my toolbox.

No other language has served me so long and so well, and the other day I explained what those others were by listing the languages I hadn’t used. Perl came nowhere close, nor Ruby, and though I’ve used Java since 1997 or so (yes, JDK 1.0), I don’t reach for it unless my hands are tied. (Now there’s a mixed metaphor!)

Grateful to Rich Hickey and the other developers and contributors and the community!


NIce to hear! I just found you clojure-graph-resources github repository, which contains some really interesting stuff.

Do you happen to have any suggestions for making SPARQL queries from ClojureScript? I ended up using this one: which was a bit complicated…

Another one here :slight_smile:

Hello there … I’m Chris. I’m a bit late here but am a Clojure (and Haskell) newbie of sorts. I rediscovered the joy of programming and fell in love with Clojure three years ago. Then I sold an org on the idea of Clojure (and designed/implemented a pedestal/graphql service) … but a re-org gifted it folks who hadn’t signed up for my Clojure adventure and they revolted, so I almost shipped something in Clojure :slight_smile:. Still, I’m done with coding in enterprise OO personally as a thing … at this point I think I may have to found a company to work in Clojure / Haskell and get paid for it lol.

TLDR, my history if interested

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Hi. Complete noob here. I learned (and loved) LISP as a college freshman 40 years ago, so I was excited to learn about Clojure.
Not a dev - background is in mathematical logic - though my day job does require some coding (Python, SQL, JS).


Hello everyone.

My name is Elías and I’m from Switzerland. Currently, I’m studying electrical engineering at EPFL.

I started to learn about Clojure a few years back, but didn’t go very far because lisp seemed too difficult. I was really used to Python before. Only recently I became interested again and have been playing with Clojure and Emacs lisp. Right now, I’m trying to write my personal website in clj/cljs, but it’s slow progress.

I’m also passionate about Model Rocketry, 3D Printing, Running and Science Fiction.

I prefer coffee to tea.


Hey everyone.

My name is Vinicios, I’m Senior Software Engineer from Brazil. I started to learning Clojure a long time ago but only now I’m was able to use in production along side with Elixir.

Currently I’m studying Pedestal and Datomic through ClojureStream and my future goal is to work full-time with Clojure.


Hello I’m Raoul,
it’s been now almost one year that I’ve met Clojure, It was first when I bumped into (old) video from Rich Hickey, Stuart Halloway and plenty of other conferences where people were explaining things that made me want to try myself to “play” with Clojure. It had been a long time for me since programing didn’t really match with the word “play” and I though maybe it was time to change this, and go back to the fun I had when I spent days programming a “mastermind” game in basic on my zx spectrum (48Kb - basic). So I started to learn during the week-end, and yes, I have fun with Clojure. When I have the feeling I’ve understood something (even if I realize 3 weeks after that I had not), when my small program is working as expected and the code is easy to read/understand, when I see the “beauty” of a piece of code, each time I have fun. So thank you Clojure :slight_smile:
Of course I’ll not say it was easy at the begining, but that’s part of the deal…and I must confess that’s also the reason why I today register to the clojureverse.



Hello everyone!

I came out to the community (i.e clojurians slack) only this year after coding already in Clojure professionally for around 4-5y. Although I think of myself as a citizen of the world, however, I speak only Polish and English.
I’d like to use the fact that Clojure community is so active and share my problems to get help but also start developing tutoring skills, as I already have some specific experiences worth sharing.

(happy coding)