Introduce yourself!

Hey everyone from Surat, India! I learnt Clojure 1.5 years back, and have fallen in love with it ever since. I am a partner at Nilenso, and the author of Goose, a background processing library written in Clojure.

I like building easy-to-use products and large-scale software systems. I am also on Clojurians slack by the same username olttwa. Do come and say hi :wave:


To put it briefly, it was something like this: (-> ME undergrad-university (mentoring-professor emacs) linux grad-school (government-internship CommonLisp) (grad-ai-class java) (Office-of-Digital-Humanities fullstack-dev)

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haha Thanks WT.

Just out of curiosity, i logged in for the first time in a while and i have to recreate my account
do accounts get deleted after a while

a bit weird

Background processing seems like a perfect situation to make use of a Messaging broker. Congratulations on building Goose! Seems like it’d be as fun to use, as it was to build. Clojure 1.5… that was back a bit (back then Clojure was the farthest thing from my mind).

Thanks for the kind words @Chill_Bro !
1.5 years ago, I learnt Clojure (and it was super fun!).
Apologies for the ambiguous statement :slight_smile:

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I’m a basement dweller and a dropout. I work minimal-wedge and are into all-things LISP. dropping by to learn what I can. I’m enjoying Clojure as a hobbyist.

you can find me on VRchat under the nickanme of: LIMBIC; I’m figuring out life and letting life figure out me as far as it goes things have been looking up recently, hope to get along with the people here.

I’m an old man trying to learn new tricks. I have enjoyed attempting to learn Clojure and would love to have a community to socialize the experience with. I am a technology executive by day and a game hobbyist by night. I play board games, computer games, card games, puzzles, and just about any other form of game. Also I am addicted to candy.

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