Introduce yourself!



my name is Sophia.
I am teaching myself computer programming and web development with the help of books, courses, etc.
I tried Javascript first with FreeCodeCamp but I find the language sorely lacking.

After a while I stumbled over “How to Design Programs” which uses Racket. I really liked the systematic approach, something which is hard to teach and what most online courses fail to do.

From Racket, I went to Clojure because I wanted something more practical.

I would like to switch careers to becoming a web developer but I’m afraid that it’s more difficult with Clojure than with a more popular language. That’s why I also dabble in Python and Javascript while trying to distill it all down to the fundamentals of program design.


Rashawn, living in Beijing China. Start learning clojure only several months ago. Emacs brings me to lisp and lisp brings me to clojure. I mainly work on 3D stuff in frontend, mostly WEBGL and javascript.

I’m also working on a personal project called GokuRakuJoudo, which enables user to config the macOS key binding software karabiner with edn file instead of json file. I suppose there’s a lot wrong use case and patterns in the project. And I’ll keep learning and polish the project.

Seeing some of clojure versers got the chance to write clojure in their company, that’s my dream!


Hi - I’m Gary,

After 20+ years of building systems in small and large firms I’ve taken a fairly significant change of direction and now co-own an IT recruitment firm. I’ve done VB, C, C++ and Java but never touched functional programming until a client of my new firm asked for some help to find talented Clojure developers.

Being different from other agencies I wanted to make sure me and the team know what we’re talking about so hence came here to learn. The group looks great with lots of lively debate so am looking forward to learning / contributing.


Hi, I’m Luka Komovec from Slovenia. Just to bore you with some details … the Levenshtein distance between my last name and Slovenian word for elbow is 1. That’s why I fabricated a pseudonym Luca L. Bow and readable version of it’s shorter form as doubleelbow. It’s a pun on my actual name – admittedly a bad one because it has to be explained - and it’s nearly a palindrome. I like puns but I think that jokes that need to be explained are jokes.

I look at programming as problem solving activity and until finding clojure I never thought a language could make such a difference. It just never gets in the way.

Currently I’m working on capital, a library that helps with calls to external systems especially when unexpected / temporary failures happen.