Introduce yourself!



I’ve thought about going ‘full mobile’ and using something like an iPad for when I want more screen real estate but, at the moment, if I do want a larger screen, that’s when I bust out the laptop.


Hi all!

I’m Kirill, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I’ve been working in IT for 7 years, mostly as a developer. Started my journey from procedural PHP, continued with OO C# and little bit of Java and finally found myself learning functional programming in JavaScript as frontend developer. :slight_smile:

JS re-opened programming for me and functional programming seem to become my new passion in life. I was inspired by some talks by Rich Hickey, like “Value of values” and “Simple made easy” and he opened world of Clojure for me. So I’m learning it now, trying to implement some simple things and hope to find some like-minded people in this community.

Also hope to get full-time Clojure job eventually, but I’m happy to learn this language as a hobby for now.