January 2022 Clojure-Asia meetup

Happy New Year my fellow Clojurians! :slight_smile: We will be having another Clojure-Asia Online Meetup (previously marketed as Clojure-SG but decided to widen the scope due to the diversity of participants)!

It will be another hang out session to meet/catch up with other Clojurians. Hope to see you there! :smiley:

Meeting Details:
Date: 15th January 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 1500-1600 SGT (0700-0800 UTC)
Location: Jitsi (Easy to setup open source video conferencing) (will email the link in time)

Contact Info:
Email: zackteo@gmail.com
Slack/Telegram: @zackteo

Please fill up the form here:

Do join us on the #clojure-asia channel in the Clojurian Slack: Slack

Here’s the google calendar link for planned Clojure-Asia Meetups in 2022 (every 3rd Saturday of the month): Google Kalender – Anmelden, um auf Ihre Terminübersicht zuzugreifen und sie zu bearbeiten



Just some updates on yesterday’s Clojure-Asia meetup!

We had an admirable turnout of 8 Clojurians (2 of which left before we could take a photo (and technically there was another who joined us momentarily towards the end)). It was a diverse group of Clojurians from Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia and even USA (thanks Alex who stayed up till 2am to join us!) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

For those who were interested in joining but were unable to, we will be having these meetups once a month (where we are planning to alternate between hangout sessions (like the one we just had) and sessions with a talk followed by discussion) so hope to see you for upcoming sessions!

Do join us on the #clojure-asia channel on the Clojurian Slack and refer to the Clojure-Asia Online Meetup Schedule for 2022 - Google Calendar for the dates we have planned for future sessions (every 3rd Saturday of the month)

Zachary (zackteo)

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