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Nice article! I just didn’t understand how the article function and the mount-style interect with each other.

On another topic, recently I bootstrap a ClojureScript website and when dealing with style, after some research we decided to follow with Emotion, which does something similar with what you are trying to do. It creates a style tag in the head as styles are defined. But it focus more on scoping these styles. But the integration is not transparent – for example, css properties must be camel-case, since it was done for JavaScript.

It would be nice to have something more clojure-like to use.

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I enjoyed your DIY attitude! This sounds like styled components in JS land, but without much of the baggage.

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll update to clarify: article generates the css string that is the arg to mount-style.

For me this completes the functional Clojure-ness of CSS (thanks Garden).