Poll: How do you compile your ClojureScript?

How do you like to compile your ClojureScript? (multiple answers accepted)

  • lein-cljsbuild
  • boot-cljs
  • shadow-cljs
  • standalone script (with cljs.jar or tools.deps)
  • lumo
  • cljs/tool

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Where is figwheel?

Ah crap… I was thinking of standalone builds, but you’re right figwheel should have been on there. Unfortunately I can’t edit the poll now, only delete and create a new one.

flimsy poll system, also I don’t want to know %-ages only, I want to see how many people voted an option…

I’ve only really done it through lein/figwheel, but it’s good to have some options listed out for standalone front-end projects, or for integrating cljs into larger projects.

I mainly use lein-cljsbuild with lein-figwheel but I’m excited about shadow-cljs and the goals of simplifying clojurescript build configuration and being able to interop with all of npm

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Note: although I checked threee boxes,I have exactly one cljs project that uses boot (Geometer, which I might convert to lein) and one that uses shadow-cljs (Maria, which recently converted from lein).

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