Scicloj LLM meetup 1: Introduction (login for details)

This coming Friday, we will have the first meetup in a new series exploring Large Language Models in Clojure.


In this meetup, Martynas Maciulevičius will give an interview on the topic, introducing a few of the basic ideas behind LLMs and demonstrating some of the practices of prompt engineering.


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Friday May 26th 2pm UTC


The official part will be 90 minutes long.
Sometimes some of us like to stay longer and chat.

Video Call

Updated Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom


The meeting will be recorded and shared publicly.
Some parts will be unrecorded.

Future meetings

  • At a following meetup that will be announced soon, Žygimantas Medelis will present Bosquet – a Clojure LLMOps platform for Large Language Model based applications.
  • We are also planning a talk by Dimid Duchovny that will explore a little more of the architecture and ideas behind transformer-based models (with some practice in using them).

If I want to join from my browser, what is the meeting passcode?

Hi @ont-app!

The Zoom link above should allow connecting from the browser as well.

In case you need it, here is the passcode: 509047.

Thanks! I joined from a Firefox browser on an Ubuntu system, and I needed the passcode.

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Oh. It helps to know. Thanks!

Where can I find the recording?

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I hope to share it at Clojureverse a bit later today.

@Zapperdulchen here:

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