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Full Stack Web Developer

Spatial Informatics Group, LLC (SIG) was founded in 1998 and is a group of applied thinkers with expertise in environmental fields ranging from landscape ecology, wildlife ecology, transportation modeling, ecosystem services valuation, natural hazards risk assessment, and forestry to natural resource economics. Our group combines spatial analytics with ecological, social and economic sciences to understand the effects of management and policy choices on the short and long-term stability of ecosystems. We translate data into knowledge that can be used to inform decisions.

Job Description: SIG is searching for a Full Stack Web Developer for a variety of programs relating to our Natural Hazards, Environmental Mapping and Forest Carbon domains. The successful candidate will have the expertise and experience to build decision support tools for our clients across the Americas, Africa and Southeast Asia. SIG is a digitally native organization with personnel distributed across three continents. Therefore, the position is for remote work only, preferably based in US compatible timezones.

Requirements: The following list provides a summary of the position’s requirements:
● Experience in Clojure/Clojurescript or experience in either Java/Javascript and/or a different Lisp dialect (e.g., Scheme, Common Lisp)
● Experience with GeoServer and WMS/WCS/WFS
● Experience with geospatial processing using PostGIS, GeoTools, and/or GDAL/OGR
● Experience with web mapping using OpenLayers
● Familiar with functional reactive UI development using ReactJS and/or Reagent
● Familiar with functional programming techniques (e.g., pure functions, immutable data, closures, laziness, function composition, memoization)
● Experience with SQL DB programming in Postgresql (bonus points for PostGIS experience)
● Good at working in a distributed team environment with frequent text, voice, and video communications with other developers
● Fluent in version control procedures with Git and Github/Gitlab, including creating/closing issues, creating/reviewing/merging pull requests, and good branch management
● Experience with web mapping libraries (e.g., Openlayers) and/or web mapping services (i.e., WMS, WCS, WFS) and servers (e.g., GeoServer) is a plus
● Comfortable working in a Linux environment from the command line and administrating remote servers over SSH

Follow this link to apply!

SIG is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to diversity which includes the recognition that our success is best advanced by the leadership and contributions of women and men of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and culture. We encourage applicants from all cultures, races, colors, religions, sexes, national or regional origins, ages, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, military, or other status protected by law.

I just sent in an application! Based on my experience it seems like I would be a good fit - provided y’all are okay with a fresh graduate.

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