Std.lang - a universal template transpiler

Hi all,

I’m open sourcing a library that’s been pretty much stable for the past year and a half. It’s best described as an lisp to algol transpiler, with a templating spec for custom grammers. So any language can be supported as long as the transpile grammer has been determined. Thanks to all those in the community for previewing the repo and for your input and feedback through discussions.


This library has been used to generate and test about half a million lines of production code so it’s fair to say that it’s doing it’s job. Hope to see what people can do with it.



Hi @zcaudate1, congrats, and many thanks.

Personally, I haven’t learned it yet, and it may take me some time to get there.

I find it exciting since this kind of approach may hopefully provide the principles for a unified experience across different interop stories.

@daslu. i do hope that will be the case. where have all the pl guys gone?

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Clojars install is broken for now. I’ll need to figure out a deployment workaround as the library I’m using stopped working.

For those interested in solidity smart contracts, here is the public statstrade contract repo and a video explainer of what the contract actually does. std.lang has a solidity grammar and you can write your solidity in a clojure-inspired DSL. The grammar is not full featured (no imports) but it’s easy to add if any one wants to give it a go.

There are a couple of contracts in there. if you have the tests setup right, you can do live eval on both public and private solidity methods on the blockchain:

An example of the erc20 clearinghouse contract deployed on Mumbai Testnet:

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